Web Development Courses

Nowadays, a lot of students are willing to make a career as a professional web developer as there are billions of websites online and the statistics are expected to enhance further in the next few years. The first step is to undergo a suitable web development course which will make them capable of transforming a visual design into reality. The task of a web developer is quite different from that of a web designer.

The Basics of a Web Developer Journey

Three prime languages in which a professional web developer should have adequate knowledge are HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Those willing to become an expert in these languages have to master them all. A brief introduction to each of them has been stated below,

HyperText Markup Language or HTML is basically a language describing the primary building blocks of the site that is being developed. Its basic task is to instruct the computer how to present data. Writing a simple web page becomes easier when you use the right HTML. Using CSS becomes necessary if you want to enhance the visual appeal of the site.

Cascading Style Sheets or CSS is basically used to create an appealing and suitable layout and presentation of a web page. The fonts and colours of the site are given adequate importance. CSS helps a site to adjust to various screen sizes and devices and so its popularity enhanced as a majority of the people are nowadays using mobiles and tablets for browsing purposes.

Though HTML and CSS help in creating a website, it can become static. Using JavaScript is a must if you want to make it more interesting by adding some news feeds, animations and videos. This not only helps in adding extra usability and saving time but even web developers can enjoy better control over a website.

3 Prime Reasons to Become a Front end Developer

» It Is Flexible

Just undergo a suitable web development course in Kolkata and start working as a web development professional and you will soon realise that it is indeed a highly-flexible job. You have the freedom to decide whether you want to join a company and become a part of a team or work as a solo freelance developer. You can also get some additional income by working as a part-time developer.

» Web Development Is Fun

Everyone working as a professional web developer will agree to the fact they love what they do. In fact, it is regarded to be one of the career options with the highest rate of job satisfaction. This is primarily because these professionals can enjoy a higher salary, complete job flexibility and balance their professional and personal life.

» There are Many Things To Learn

Though HTML, CSS and JavaScript are treated to be the basic ingredients of web development, you can ensure success in your career by learning about AngularJS, Ajax, Ruby and PHP, among others. Though these skills aren't necessary, advancing your skills will let you choose from plenty of job opportunities.

Since your knowledge about web development has enhanced, it's time you choose a suitable course in Kolkata and give your career a boost.