As a leading multimedia and animation institute in Kolkata, we specialise in offering a range of accredited courses. Our faculty members are well-trained and highly experienced to make the subjects interesting for students while teaching. Each of our courses is specifically designed to help candidates prepare for attractive jobs in VFX, Animation, Web & Graphics designing, Multimedia etc. Moreover, as qualified trainers, our faculty members can even discover the skills and talent of every student and use them to their advantage.

Here all you need about pursuing our accredited courses!

Arena Animation In Kolkata: Few Career-Oriented Courses To Help You Prepare For A Bright Career Ahead

  1. Visual Effects

With people having an insatiable appetite for high-definition and exciting visual experiences, the demand for stunning VFX is expected to grow increasingly in the coming years. And, opting for our visuals effects course can be the key to make a mark in this ever-growing industry. Arena Animation's Visual Effects Program is a comprehensive course that will help you train in every aspect of VFX.

Our courses can teach you the skills to create special effects for TV shows, films, games, digital media, ads, etc. We help our students learn the latest VFX and animation techniques by using Golaem Crowd, Pixar RenderMan, Mocha, NUKEX and NUKE. From giving projects at regular intervals to helping create a professional 3D portfolio, our courses at Arena Animation in Kolkata can give you the ideal career boost.

  1. 3D Animation

Just the way the popularity of 3D Animated TV shows and films has grown, so has the animation industry. While working as a skilled animator can be highly satisfying, one needs to have strong educational qualifications to make a mark in this competitive industry. And, pursuing an intensive 3D Animation course from Arena Animation can help you develop the skills you need to qualify for high-paying jobs.

Be it character animation, 3D modelling or digital sculpting, our course can be the ideal way to learn all aspects of animation. Our animation courses can help you create rich animated content for TV shows, films, games, ads, digital media, etc. What makes Arena Animation in Kolkata the best animation institute is that anyone with a creative bent of mind can pursue our course.

  1. Graphics & Web Design & Development

If you are someone who is interested in web development, design, graphics, pursuing career-oriented graphics and web design and development courses from Arena Animation can enhance your career aspects. Our qualified faculty members can help you design and develop attractive graphics for digital ads, websites and print and publishing. On completion of your course, students can avail excellent career opportunities like graphic design studios, advertising agencies, web design studios, multimedia production house, etc.

So what are you still waiting for? Quickly approach our friendly team and enrol in our career-oriented courses for a lucrative career ahead!